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Update on the At-Home LSAT Exam 2021-2022

Updated: Feb 7

If you are currently preparing for the LSAT exam, LSAC has made serval announcements that may be of interest to you! The following is a summary of the announcements.

What will change in regards to the LSAT?

  1. Continuing LSAT At-Home: LSAC will continue to provide the LSAT exam at-home through June 2022. However, it will switch from LSAT flex to LSAT in August 2021. More information on this topic within the following points.

  2. 3 vs 4 sections: Until August 2021 the LSAT will have three sections. However, after August 2021 LSAC will return to its pre-COVID test: three scored sections and one unscored variable section. LSAC plans to keep this format in place for a minimum of 2-3 years so stduents can rely on this format when studying and preparing for the exam.

  3. Breaks: Currently there are no breaks in the 3 section exam. However, once the exam switches to 4 sections, LSAC plans to allow test takers to take a short break in between the second and third section of the new exam.

  4. Length of the test: Currently since there is only 3 sections with no breaks, the exam is only 2 hours; however, once the additional section and break are added, the exam will be approximately 3 hours.

What will stay the same in regards to the LSAT?

  1.  Content: For all future exams, the content will stay exactly the same. LSAC will continue to test the Logic Games, Logical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension.

  2. Scoring: For all future exams, the scoring will stay the same and will be reported on a scale from 120-180. Additionally, the percentile rankings will stay consistent with the current percentiles.

  3. Timing: Each section will continue to be 35 minutes unless you have applied and receive accommodations for additional time.

What are the upcoming exam dates?

February 2021 — LSAT-Flex — February 20, February 21
March 2021 — Spanish LSAT-Flex — March 13
April 2021 — LSAT-Flex — April 10, April 11
June 2021 — LSAT-Flex — TBD, Week starting June 12
August 2021 — LSAT — TBD, Week starting August 14
October 2021 — LSAT — TBD, Week starting October 9
November 2021 — LSAT — TBD, Week starting November 13
January 2022 — LSAT — TBD, Week starting January 15
February 2022 — LSAT — TBD, Week starting February 12
March 2022 — LSAT — TBD, Week starting March 12
April 2022 — LSAT — TBD, Week starting April 30
June 2022 — LSAT — TBD, Week starting June 11

For more information on test dates visit LSAC’s website.

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