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Refer a client
for a $1,000 in cash

Once the referred client books a lesson, you will receive cash reward!

Steps To Receive Payment!

1. Be a current client

To be eligible for this referral program, you must be a current or previous client of Prep For Success Tutors. You can be a client of any subject area to be eligible.

2. Refer a client

Fill out the form below with your information and the information of the referred individual. Additionally, have the referal reach out to our company via our contact form and mention your name, so we know you referred them!

3. Receive $1,000

For every two referrals that become a paying clients, you will be granted $1,000 and the person you refer will receive 10% off Prep For Success’ services!

*clients must purchase at least $3,000 of Prep For Success services