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Prep For Success has a phenomenal team of tutors who have all scored perfect or close to, on the SAT. Prep For Success tutors have also been vigorously trained in all the tips, tricks, and content that can be utilized to master the exam.

Additionally, Prep For Success prides itself on the mom-and-pop company feel in which every tutor is fully invested in their student’s success. You will be matched with the best tutor that suits you based on availability, personality, strengths, and weaknesses!

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Our SAT Tutoring Packages



This option includes 1 hour of virtual one-on-one tutoring via zoom.
Materials are NOT include in the pay-as-you-go plan.


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This package includes 12 hours of virtual one-on-one tutoring via zoom and all materials (online platform, study guides, pdf of tips and tricks, practice tests, etc)


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This package includes 24 hours of virtual one-on-one tutoring via zoom and all materials (online platform, study guides, pdf of tips and tricks, practice tests, etc)


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This package includes 36 hours of virtual one-on-one tutoring via zoom and all materials (online platform, study guides, pdf of tips and tricks, practice tests, etc)


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This package includes 48 hours of virtual one-on-one tutoring via zoom and all materials (online platform, study guides, pdf of tips and tricks, practice tests, etc)


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Our SAT client's
success stories


Accepted to Vanderbilt
1520 on SAT exam

“I would highly recommend Prep for Success to anyone. The results speak for themselves, but it is the ease of preparing from home over a Zoom meeting and the program’s flexibility that really make Prep for Success stand out”
– Will J.

Accepted to Yale
1580 on SAT exam

“Prep For Success was amazing to work with! Not only are their tutors super helpful and personable but also their online platform, workbook, and cheat sheets helped me surpass my goal score. I achieved 1580 with a perfect score in math and was accepted to Yale!”

– Johnny D.


Accepted to Cornell
34 on ACT exam

“Kamil and I turned my test scores around to help me get into Cornell University. Kamil is kind, conscientious and committed. For him, standardized testing tutoring is a calling. He is his own brand.”

– Alex S.

Why choose Prep For Success Tutors?

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We provide evening, weekend, and daytime availability! Additionally, we provide customized study plans so whether you have 1 week or 1 year to study, we can make a plan for you!
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Our tutors and content creators have received scores in the 99th percentile, if not perfect scores, on the SAT and PSAT.

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Every student who has worked with Prep For Success has shown significant improvement. Gladly read our reviews of our student’s success stories to learn how you can improve your score!

We provide online SAT Tutoring via Zoom

All of our lessons are online via Zoom! The screen-sharing capability allows the students to watch a perfect score tutor in action. Additionally, it helps mimic the testing environment as the SAT exam will be online starting in 2024.

All SAT materials are included!


PDF Book of Tips, Tricks, & Content


Our book includes all of the tips, tricks, and content that will be on the exam! It eliminates the need for vigorous note-taking as all the information is presented for easy review.


Online Homework Platform


Our online platform has hundreds of hours of video lessons and thousands of practice problems. This allows the student to practice what they learned in the lesson.


20 Extra Official Practice Tests


For a student who wants endless materials, Prep For Success offers 20 official College Board practice tests to practice the content, tips, tricks, and test-taking strategies.



Our bundle comes with all the materials listed above, but for a discounted price!


Are SAT tutors worth it?
Absolutely, SAT tutors are worth it! Hiring an SAT tutor will allow you to ask your specific questions and get them answered with ease as opposed to needing to surf the internet and sift through right and wrong answers. Additionally, the tutor is a professional on the exam, so they can easily share all the tips and tricks, which are crucial to doing well. 
What is a good SAT score?
The national average SAT score is 1050 out of 1600. Therefore, you will hear many applicants have a goal score over over 1000 in order to hit the average score. However, even though hitting the average score is great, it is still far from being deemed a “good” score. For selective colleges, a score of 1200 out of 1600 or above is usually considered competitive. Furthermore, a good SAT score for ivy league colleges is typically above 1500. 
How long is the SAT?
The SAT is currently 3 hours and 15 minutes; however, the new digital format of the SAT that will be released in January 2024 will be 2 hours and 15 minutes. The new digital format of the SAT will include only two sections: reading & writing (64 minutes – two 32 minute modules) and math (70 minutes – two 35 minute modules) with a 10 minute break in between. 
Do colleges prefer ACT or SAT?
In the past, schools in the Midwest had a slight preference towards the ACT; however, since the SAT changed in 2016, colleges now do not prefer either the SAT or the ACT. Both exams are sufficient to apply to college as well as to apply for merit-based scholarships. 
How to study for the SAT
The best way to study for the SAT is to master each topic area (ie. triangles, circles, one variable algebra, etc) first. Then tackle timed drills to ensure you can apply the strategies within the time limit. Lastly, you want to take multiple full length practice tests. Additionally, hiring a tutor is beneficial when studying for the SAT because the tutor can teach you all the tips and tricks specific to mastering the exam. Additionally, make sure that you start studying 2-3 months prior to your exam to receive the best score. 

How can I schedule an SAT tutoring lesson?