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Kamil Radecki


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A message from the founders

“Welcome to Prep For Success! Kamil and I (Samantha) are entrepreneurs from New Jersey that have a passion for education. Thus, we created Prep For Success Tutors. For over ten years, Prep For Success has provided classes and one-on-one tutoring services in a wide array of subjects including standardized exams, college applications, general math, English, and more. Our impact has been continuously growing, and Prep For Success is proud to say that we have over one hundred 5 star reviews on thumbtack and google! 

One main feature that sets us apart from other tutoring companies is that Kamil and I (the founders of the company) are fully invested in the company and work as tutors as well. This allows us to not have a disconnected experience from what the students need and be fully invested in all the student’s successes. This also gives our company a small mom-and-pop feel! We welcome you to our company, and hope that you will join us in your education venture!”

We provide
online tutoring!

Prep For Success offers online tutoring. Our office is located in north New Jersey right outside of New York City; however, we have clients that span as far as the west coast and even other countries!

Our Virtual Services

Students participating in test prep

Test Prep

The LSATGMATGREMCAT PSATSAT, and ACT are critical exams that determine if a student will be accepted to their dream school. Prep For Success has perfect-score tutors that provide 1-on-1 tutoring to teach you all the tips and tricks to master the exam.

Subject Tutoring

Not only are standardized exams important for college acceptance, but also GPA is equally as important. Therefore, Prep For Success provides supplemental subject tutoring in nearly every subject to help students achieve high academic standing.

student receiving subject tutoring in library

College Counseling

As many individuals need help with the college application process, Prep For Success is here to help! We help select colleges that best suit you, brainstorm and write personal statements, complete FAFSA, obtain scholarships, and so much more!

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