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Prep For Success’ GMAT tutors are actually the co-founders themselves, who have scored in the 99th percentile on the GMAT. They have also been perfecting their customized tips, tricks, and content that can be utilized to master the exam.

Additionally, Prep For Success prides itself on the mom-and-pop company feel in which the founders are fully invested in every tutor is fully invested in their student’s success.

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We provide online GMAT tutoring via Zoom

All of our lessons are online via Zoom! The screen-sharing capability allows the students to watch a perfect score tutor in action. Additionally, it helps mimic the testing environment as every standardized exam will be online starting in 2024.

Our GMAT Tutoring success stories

760 GMAT Score
Accepted to Columbia

“Samantha and Kamil are GMAT experts and wonderful tutors. They provided me with the knowledge and support to improve my score from a 590 (practice GMAC) to a 760 (actual). They made something as terrible as the GMAT into a great experience. I could not have done it without them!”
– Tim P.

720 GMAT Score

“Kamil laid out a study plan for us that allowed him to observe my weaknesses and address them. He helped me develop new techniques to solve more difficult problems and apply the concepts at a deeper level. Even though I am not a math person, after spending a month with Kamil, I earned a quant score (Q48) that I never thought possible—I wasn’t even shooting that high!”

– Jessica C.

730 GMAT Score

“Kamil and Samantha have both been extremely beneficial to my GMAT studying. They will help you develop a focused study plan to surpass your goals. These two are experts and will give you all the tools you need to succeed on the GMAT.”

– Max C.

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