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Upcoming LSAT Changes: No More Logic Games Confirmed

What change will occur?

On Wednesday October 18th, 2023, the LSAC released that there will be a change to the upcoming LSAT exam, in which the logic games section is being removed and it will be replaced with a second logical reasoning section. 

Why is the Logic Games being removed?

In 2019 there was a law suit against the LSAC in which two blind plaintiffs argued that the Logic Games Section (formerly known as Analytics Reasoning) was unfair due to the necessity of diagramming, which created a huge disadvantage to the blind community taking the LSAT. Therefore, a settlement was eventually reached in which the LSAC re-evaulate the Logic Game section of the exam to make it fair for all test takers. 

When will this change happen?

Since each testing cycle starts in August, the change is starting in August of 2024 to avoid any confusion for the Law Schools and test takers. From this date forward, you will no longer be able to take the old LSAT with he logic games section. 

Will this make the test easier?

The Logic Games section was always the point of difficulty for most test takers. If you view reddit, almost everyone complains about the difficulty of this section. Therefore, you would think that the exam would be easier and test takers would achieve higher scores if this section is removed. However, the LSAC did studies to see how removing this section would impact scores, and “analysis of over 200,000 test sessions found that the mean score changed by 1/100th of a point” showing that removing the logic games section will not have a significant impact on test takers scores. In fact, the median score actually stayed the same of 151, which is pictured below. 

LSAC Median Scores Comparing New and Old LSAT exam
Image sourced from Offical LSAC website.

Will new practice tests be released?

Starting in February of 2024, LSAC will start to release practice tests that represent the new format of the exam. However, you can still use all of the old practice tests as there will not be any chances to the reading comprehension and logical reasoning sections of the exam. Additionally, LSAC and Khan Academy are working diligently to create new test prep materials including practice tests, explanatory lessons, focused problem sets, and other resources. 

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