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Upcoming Changes To The ACT Exam

Updated: Feb 7

Quick links: Faster Results | Superscoring | Remote Testing | Section Retesting

Infographic showing New ACT Test Options Under Development
1. Faster Results:

At certain testing centers, students will be able to choose how they want to take the ACT test—online or on paper. Students who test online will get results in as soon as two business days, which is an added benefit for students to meet admission and scholarship deadlines.

2. Superscoring:
Superscoring allows students to take the average of the four best subject scores (English, Math, Reading, and Science) from each ACT test attempt and count it as their official score. For more information on superscore grading, gladly click here.

3. Remote Testing:
Remote testing allows students to take the ACT test online at home or at another convenient location. ACT’s new remote testing option will offer students even more flexibility when taking the ACT test.

4. Section Retesting:
Students will now be allowed to retake one specific test section, instead of the full test. This allows students to focus on one section of the exam at a time when studying. The rules for section retesting are listed below.

  • Students must first take a full ACT test and have a valid composite score on file.
  • Students will be able to take up to three section retests on any one test date.
  • There will be no limits on the number of times a student may take a retest.
  • Will be offered seven times a year, on the same dates as the national ACT test.

When will these changes happen?

These changes were supposed to debut in September of 2020; however, they have been delayed due to COVID-19. There is still no update on when these changes will occur. To stay up to date with the changes on the exam, gladly refer to the ACT website.

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CITATION: Information and Image adapted from the ACT website.

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