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How to Write a Letter of Recommendation: Examples & Templates

A letter of recommendation is a document that provides insight into a person’s skills, qualifications, and character. This letter is typically written by someone who has worked closely with the individual or has supervised them in some capacity. Whether you are asked to write a letter of recommendation for a colleague, student, or friend, it’s important to include certain elements to make it an effective tool for the recipient. Below are the most important key features that need to be included in your letter of recommendation.

What should be in a letter of recommendation?

  1. Introduction: Start by introducing yourself and explaining your relationship to the person you are recommending. This can include your job title, the capacity in which you worked with them, and how long you have known them.
  2. Context: Provide some context for the reader about the position or opportunity the person is applying for. This will help you frame your recommendation in a way that speaks to their specific strengths and qualifications for that role.
  3. Specific examples: Use specific examples to illustrate the person’s skills and accomplishments. This could include a project they completed successfully, a challenge they overcame, or a specific skill they demonstrated. By providing concrete examples, you can help the reader understand the person’s abilities and potential.
  4. Qualifications: Discuss the person’s qualifications for the position they are applying for. This could include their education, relevant work experience, or specific skills that make them a good fit for the role.
  5. Personal qualities: Discuss the person’s personal qualities that make them a good candidate for the position. This could include their work ethic, communication skills, or ability to work well in a team. By highlighting these qualities, you can help the reader understand the person’s character and how they would fit in with the team or organization.
  6. Conclusion: End your letter by summarizing your recommendation and expressing your confidence in the person’s ability to succeed in the position. You may also include your contact information in case the reader has any further questions.

Letter of Recommendation Template

As we noted below, there is a standard guideline of what should be included in the letter of recommendation. However, sometimes it is still hard to start your essay. Therefore, below is a template to help you write the letter of recommendation.


To whom it may concern,
It is my privilege to write this letter of recommendation for (insert student name), who aspires to attain acceptance to your University. As (insert student’s name) tutor and college advising coach (or include however you know the individual), I have known him for the past 5 of years during his journey to apply to college. Over this time, I have watched him grow and become an individual who is not only dedicated to excelling as an individual but also dedicated to helping his community.
During every tutoring lesson, (insert student name) works his hardest to retain the material learned, ask questions, and attain a better score than on the previous test, and due to this, his growth since the first lesson has been remarkable. Additionally, during our college advising meetings, I have learned so much about (insert student name) as a person outside of academics. (Insert Specifics About Things On His/Her Resume)
I know that (insert student name) is committed to becoming (position he/she wants) and am confident that he will grow into a young adult who will exemplify the positive values that are taught at your University.
Contact Information (Phone and Email)

Example of a Perfect Letter of Recommendation

Now that we can see a general idea of what should be included in the essay and a general template. Lets see a perfect letter of recommendation. Everyone so far, shows the recommender how to write a general letter of recommendation; however, do keep in mind that in order for the letter to be effective, it must be VERY unique to the individual you are writing about. Meaning, if you are able to copy and paste your essay with just changing the name and have it apply to another student, it isn’t unique enough.
Therefore, the essay below will hopefully give you more ideas as to how to make an essay personalized to afford your student the best opportunities. This essay was written by the co-founder of Prep For Success Tutors, Kamil, about his student. For privacy reasons, we will call the student “Kevin”. If you like this letter of recommendation and are wanting help obtaining a letter of recommendation, don’t hesitate to reach out to Prep For Success and they would be more than happy to help.

Example of letter of recommendation:

To whom it may concern,
The average SAT score in the Bronx is approximately 800. Kevin knows that he and his peers need to work hard to improve their scores. Out of 100 students in my SAT prep class, only a handful truly display the desire to improve. Kevin is one of them. After a year of prep and hard work, Kevin scored right under 1200 on the SAT. This is almost 400 points above the average for his school and district. He’s an exceptional student overall, not just amongst his peers. He takes the time to complete the homework, and although he already has a 100 in my class he still completes the extra credit assignments. He is hungry for opportunity and is dedicated to improvement.
Having over a decade of teaching experience and being the co-founder of a test-prep company, I’ve had the pleasure of working with many students. Kevin stands out because of his willingness to learn and his natural abilities. He’s a quick learner and a bright, respectful student. I don’t say this often, but he is head and shoulders above his peers. I think extremely highly of Kevin and know that he will succeed if allowed to do so.
Kevin contains a true hunger for learning. He is curious, passionate, and inquisitive. It’s easy to get distracted by high school drama, especially since it’s so important to many other students. Understanding what’s important and what’s not is difficult for many high school students and Kevin isn’t just passionate because everyone else is. Quite the contrary. He’s passionate because that’s who he is as a person. He stays true to himself, focuses on what matters, and can blur out distractions. He’s involved during class and isn’t afraid to ask thought-provoking questions. I say this with immense gratitude, but he is truly a pleasure to have in my class. He’s one of a few students who truly cares and works hard at applying himself. I cannot say enough good things about Kevin.
What makes Kevin and his abilities in the classroom even more impressive is that he’s able to stay focused and take notes amongst a peer group which can be rather detrimental to learning. Many students don’t put in the effort to improve themselves because it isn’t cool to learn. Other things are more important to them, yet Khamani remains focused on the task at hand and works very hard for his perfect grades. The Bronx has many challenges, making Kevin even more remarkable. He truly stands out from the rest.
All the best,
Kamil Radecki
Co-founder & CFO of Prep For Success Tutors
Phone: 973-922-0818 | Email:

In conclusion, a letter of recommendation can be a powerful tool for helping someone achieve their goals. By including specific examples, qualifications, and personal qualities, you can provide a detailed and compelling picture of the person’s abilities and potential. Remember to keep your letter concise and focused, and always be honest in your assessment of the person’s skills and character.

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