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Thomas Leary

Thomas' Credentials:

LSAT Score: 171/180

University: Georgia State University

Major: Bachelor of Arts & Sciences in Applied Linguistics 

Minor: Journalism

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Hi, nice to meet you!


It’s so nice to virtually meet you. My name is Tom; I am a Teacher and Data Analyst from Atlanta Georgia! I graduated Georgia State University in 2010 with a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Linguistics and TEFL certification. Since then, I have been traveling the world teaching ESL and the LSAT exam. Teaching, language, and law are three of my passions, hence, I absolutely love what I do! With over a decade of teaching experience, I have encountered so many unique individuals with distinct learning styles, which has helped me create a more personalized and well-rounded tutoring approach. Therefore, I am excited to work together to create a customized study plan that works best for you in order to obtain your goal LSAT score! 


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Tutoring & Law Experience

Achieved a 171 on the LSAT exam.

171 LSAT Score

Tutor 1-on-1 via zoom to assist students to obtain their goal scores on the LSAT in all sections of the exam (Logic Games, Logical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension). 

Prep For Success Tutors LSAT Tutor

Has taught over 2,600 virtual lessons to 500 students via ESL classes and private tutoring to non-native English speakers from all over the world. Students ranged from 4-15 years old. 

Virtual ESL Teacher

Taught English lessons to adult students of all levels in private and classroom settings in-person in Turkey.

In-Person ESL Teacher

Fun Facts About Thomas!

Thomas has traveled the world (Turkey, China, America, and more!) teaching English.

What languages does Thomas speak?

English – Fluent

Spanish – Fluent

Turkish – Conversational

Classical Latin –  Intermediate

How to book a lesson with Thomas?