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Kyler Logan

Kyler's Credentials:

LSAT Score: 172/180

University: Indiana University

Major: Journalism and History 

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Hi, nice to meet you!

Hi! I am so glad to see you landed on my profile!
My name’s Kyler, and I’m excited to be your LSAT tutor! To give you a bit of background, I was actually previously a student of Prep For Success Tutors and achieve my amazing score of 172 through their amazing program! I am now eager to teach you all of the tips and tricks that I learned in order for you to obtain your goal score as well. I am currently a student at Indiana University in which I am the Vice President and Coach of Policy Debate. Additionally, in my spare time I have become proficient in photoshop, inDesign, and Premier Pro as well as received my AutoCAD certification. I hope to learn more about you within our first lesson, and I am excited to embark on this LSAT journey together! 
See you soon,

Tutoring & Law Experience

Achieved a 172 on the LSAT exam and was a previous student of Prep For Success Tutors to prepare for the exam.

172 LSAT Score

Tutor 1-on-1 via zoom to assist students to obtain their goal scores on the LSAT in all sections of the exam (Logic Games, Logical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension). 

Prep For Success Tutors LSAT Tutor

Vice President and competed in policy debate for four years at Indiana University.

Vice President of Policy Debate Team

Coached individuals at Nova Southeastern University for Policy Debate.

Policy Debate Coach

Fun Facts About Kyler!

Kyler is proficient in photoshop, inDesign, and Premier Pro. 

Kyler is certified in AutoCAD.

What languages does Kyler speak?

English – Fluent

Latin – Proficient 

How to book a lesson with Kyler?