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Prep For Success has a team of perfect score tutors that provide virtual one-on-one tutoring to maximize your SAT score.

Reach out for a free consultation!

You can get a customized study plan, learn about our company, and see if we’re a good fit!

Reach out for a free consultation!

You can get a customized study plan, learn about our company, and see if we’re a good fit!

Why choose Prep For Success?


We truly believe that you must match well with your tutor to achieve success; therefore, If you are unsatisfied with your experience, we will grant you a free complementary lesson with another tutor! Ask for further terms and details regarding this policy. 


Our tutors and content creators 
have received scores in the 95th percentile, if not perfect, on the SAT exam.


Every student who has worked with Prep For Success has shown significant improvement. Gladly read our reviews of our student’s success stories to learn how you can improve your score!

Our client's success stories

Accepted to Vanderbilt
1520 on SAT exam

“I would highly recommend Prep for Success to anyone. The results speak for themselves, but it is the ease of preparing from home over a Zoom meeting and the program’s flexibility that really make Prep for Success stand out”
– Will J.

Accepted to Yale
1580 on SAT exam

“Prep For Success was amazing to work with! Not only are their tutors super helpful and personable but also their online platform, workbook, and cheat sheets helped me surpass my goal score. I achieved 1580 with a perfect score in math and was accepted to Yale!”

– Johnny D.

Achieved 1440 on SAT
770 Math & 670 Verbal

“My 8 week SAT prep one-on-one tutoring was the perfect combination of standardized and personalized. We went over questions in great detail together, noting my strengths and weaknesses as we went along. My tutor assured that I knew exactly why I got questions wrong and why I got them right. They even check up on me to this day, still interested in my aspirations and plans for the future, exemplifying how personalized their tutoring really is. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!””

– Morgan M.

Meet our SAT Tutors!



Prep For Success has a phenomenal team of tutors who have all scored perfect or close to, on the SAT. Prep For Success tutors have also been vigorously trained in all the tips, tricks, and content that can be utilized to master the exam.

Additionally, Prep For Success prides itself on the mom-and-pop company feel in which every tutor is fully invested in their student’s success. You will be matched with the best tutor that suits you based on availability, personality, strengths, and weaknesses!

Carina Beritela


Lillian Ji


Phillip Anerine


Kerry Li


Sophie Marcus-Wade


Lydia Tolerico


We create a customized study plan for you!

Prep For Success has a few standard packages; however, as we know everyone has different strengths/weaknesses,
budget, and time to study for the exam, we pride ourselves in making specific study plans for each person!

On the fence?

No worries! We know it’s a big decision, so reach out to schedule a free consultation.  
You can meet the tutor, start learning tips/tricks, and get a customized study plan!