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Sophie Brown

SAT/ACT Tutor in All Subjects

Lillian's Credentials:


SAT Score:

Math: 800/800

Verbal: 800/800

Total: 1600/1600

Math II Score: 800/800

Biology SAT Score: 790/800

Literature SAT Score: 760/800

GPA: 4.439 (weighted)

Hi, nice to meet you!

Such a pleasure to meet you! My name is Sophie and I am an SAT/ACT Tutor at Prep For Success. I am super excited to work with you and help you obtain your goal score. I have received an overall PERFECT score of 1600 on the SAT in which I scored 800/800 on the math and 800/800 on the verbal section; Therefore, you will be in great hands working with me! 

See you soon in our first lesson,

Sophie Brown

Tutoring & Education Experience

Prep For Success Tutors

Aresty RURJ Reviewer Program

Tutor 1-on-1 via zoom and tutor classes in person to assist students to obtain their goal scores on the SAT and ACT in all sections of the exam (Math, English, Reading, and Science).

Undergraduate peer reviewer that accepted or rejected articles for Rutgers’ first undergraduate research journal and improve their logic,

flow, and quality by providing multiple rounds of anonymous feedback to undergraduate authors.

How to book a lesson with Sophie?