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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the hourly rate for SAT/ACT tutoring and how does billing work?

SAT/ACT Tutoring is $135/hour. This includes one hour of tutoring as well as all the necessary materials to help you obtain your goal score! Materials include an online learning platform, practice tests, and study guides with tips, tricks, and test-taking strategies. The client is not required to sign a contract for a big package - this ensures that they aren’t paying for hours that they don’t need. However, we do require payment upfront for each individual tutoring lesson just to secure the day and time that is scheduled and to ensure that the client will show. This can be through any electronic payment method: venmo, zelle, paypal, credit/debit card. You will be able to indicate your preferred payment method on the policy agreement that will be emailed to you once you plan your first lesson.

Who are the tutors and what are their credentials?

What is the typical schedule and how long are the lessons?

Typically our lessons are 2 hours as we find that is the ultimate amount of time to get a bunch of material done. Within the first hour we review the homework, and the second hour is dedicated to teaching the next topic! However, if 1 hour or 1.5 hours is best for budgeting or scheduling we can gladly accommodate. On average most students prepare 2-3 months prior to their exam by doing 2 hours of math per week and 2 hours of verbal per week. However, we can always adjust accordingly if a student is moving slower or faster through the material. Typically the first month is teaching content, the second month is timed drills so they are able to complete the material in the given time of the test, and the last month is practice tests.

What sets Prep For Success apart from other companies?

First and foremost, Prep For Success has over one hundred 5 star reviews on thumbtack and google so the reviews speak for themselves! Here is a link to the reviews on google. Here is a link to the reviews on thumbtack. One main feature that sets Prep For Success apart from other companies is that the founders of the company are fully invested in the company and work as tutors as well. This allows them to not have a disconnected experience from what the students need and be fully invested in all the student’s successes. This also gives our company the small mom-and-pop feel unlike Kaplan, Princeton Review, Varsity Tutors, or any other larger company. Also, our tutors have a wide range of experience such as perfect scores, over 10 years of experience, experience working with students that have learning disabilities, and so much more. Additionally, Prep for Success focuses on tips and tricks and well as content, rather than some other companies who just focus on one side of the spectrum. Meaning, many other companies will just give the student practice test after practice test; however, we truly believe in teaching all the content first and then delving into timed drills, and then applying it to the actual test. No sense testing over and over again material that the student does or doesn’t know.

Are the lessons in-person or online?

Currently all of our lessons are online via zoom. However, even prior to the pandemic about 70% of our lessons have been on zoom so all the reviews you see are representative of the online lessons. This also allows us to service people all over the globe, which has helped grow our impact!

How can I get started?

Gladly fill out our contact from at the bottom of this page in which a representive will reach out to you to schedule your first lesson! After the lesson is scheduled, you will get an email with the zoom link, policy agreement, and invoice! Once that invoice is completed, you will be locked in for your scheduled day and time for your lesson.

Can I read reviews from previous students?

Absoutely! Prep For Success has over one hundred 5 star reviews on thumbtack and google. Here is a link to the reviews on google. Here is a link to the reviews on thumbtack.

How can I schedule a lesson?