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Carina Beritela

SAT/ACT Tutor in All Subjects

Carina's Credentials:


SAT Score:

Math: 780/800

Verbal: 780/800

Total: 1560/1600

ACT Score

English: 35/36

Reading: 36/36

Math: 35/36

Science: 36/36

Total: 36/36 (Perfect Score!)

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Hi, nice to meet you!

Such a pleasure to meet you! My name is Carina and I am an SAT/ACT Tutor at Prep For Success. I am super excited to work with you and help you obtain your goal score. I have received a perfect score on the ACT (English 35/36, Reading 36/36, Math 35/36, Science 36/36) and a near perfect score on the SAT (Math - 780/800, Verbal - 780/800); Therefore, you will be in great hands working with me! Additionally, I have a plethora of tutoring experience in a wide array of subjects, which will allow me to answer your questions within all sections of the exam and more.

See you soon in our first lesson,

Carina Beritela

Residential Prefect &

Teacher's Assistant

Collaborated with Director of Auxiliary Programs and Residential Life Team to create and follow a 21-day residential program for 230 rising 6th-10th grade students. Designed class lessons and activities as a teacher's assistant for 50 students by managing behavior to meet program disciplinary standards.

Head Counselor

Led, supervised, and organized 15+ campers and Counselors at residential camp to maintain high standards of behavior and

safety. Designed and implemented fun and engaging program activities for campers.

Tutoring & Education Experience

Prep For Success Tutors

Teacher's Assistant at Lawrenceville School

French Teacher