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Ayleen Durasno

SAT/ACT Tutor in Math and Science

Ayleen's Credentials:


SAT Score:

Math Score: 770/800

College GPA: 3.92

Hi, nice to meet you!

Such a pleasure to meet you! My name is Ayleen, and I am an SAT/ACT Tutor at Prep For Success. I am super excited to work with you and help you obtain your goal score. I have received 770/800 on the math section of the SAT and I strictly focus on the STEM sections of the exams; Therefore, if that is your weakness, you will be in great hands working with me! 

See you soon in our first lesson,

Ayleen Durasno

Tutoring & Education Experience

Prep For Success Tutors

Peer Math Tutor

Tutor 1-on-1 via zoom to assist students to obtain their goal scores on the SAT and ACT in the Math and Science sections of the exam.

Volunteer as a peer tutor in high school, focusing on all variations of math from Algebra 1 to AP Calc. 

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